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LIVE Series with Experts brought to you by Dignity of Children®

To succeed in the 21st century, our youth need the knowledge and experience of self-directed learning and effectively collaborating within diverse groups. Traditional methods of education do not nurture the development of the skill sets needed to be successful in our ever-changing 21st-century world.

LIVE Series with Experts is virtual series by Dignity of Children® that focuses on educational trends that transform traditional classroom into a classroom that promotes 21st-century learning. This series covers a wide range of topics supporting educators and parents in creating environments for young people to thrive.

In the first LIVE event, Dr. Sonia Toledo will sit down with Dr. Marina Badillo-Diaz and discuss 21st-century learning. This talk will explore the way that educators, youth development staff, and parents can promote a 21st-century learning culture for our youth. You will learn about building creativity, creating safe spaces, technology innovation and real-world learning.

Educators and Parents will take away

  1. Knowledge and skill of 21st Century Learning
  2. How to promote and cultivate student learning, problem-solving, and creativity with project based learning
  3. Ways to build safe spaces for learners to thrive

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