Professional Development for Educators


Developing Minds, One Swipe at a Time


Is your staff struggling with classroom management, emotional competencies with your kids, or keeping students engaged? These are common challenges educators face daily.

Accelerate Your Staff Capacity

  • Equip your staff with tools and resources to create a more organized, emotionally supportive, and engaging classroom environment
  • Transform learning culture in the classroom and enhance student outcomes
  • Foster a learning culture effortlessly with brief daily lessons.
  • Provide your staff with focused, regular training, enabling them to grasp new information and acquire skills swiftly

Revolutionize Your Training Strategy with Microlearning

Double your team's learning competency & triple your development and induction speed with microlearning. In just 5 minutes a day.



Embrace a Philosophy of Growth for both Educators and Students!

Create a learning culture for educators and students
evidence based practices

Our products and services which use evidence-based practice are centered around growth mindset, self-awareness, and emotional safety for both educators and students.

train and support educators

We believe that to inspire youth on a global scale, we need to train, develop, and support educators in creating socially conscious student-led learning environments.

experiential learning

Our experiential learning process provides educators with the tools to help youth develop job-readiness skills, information literacy and other 21st century skills.

training for educators and coaches

We prepare educators for a role of facilitators and coaches who empower young people to be their best selves and use their talents to pursue their dreams.

training and curriculum for teachers to develop students

Through our trainings and curricula, educators learn how to develop innovators who will become the next generation of leaders and social entrepreneurs.


participant feedback

"I really enjoyed this training, it was very insightful and Iโ€™ve got useful information."

โ€“ Participant, Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club, PD Workshop, June 2024

participant feedback

"The training is really good, its a think tank and an incubator for new ideas while dealing with our everyday experiences."

โ€“ Participant, Queen's Community House, Director's Lab, 2021

participant feedback

"The training was excellent and eye-opening to why children with trauma may act and how we can create a better environment for them."

โ€“ Participant, RiseBoro, PD Workshop, 2023

Did you know?

Effective teacher professional development is crucial for improving student outcomes?

Research shows that ongoing, research-based training for teachers has a measurable impact on student academic success.

7 Strategies to Nurture Your Childโ€™s Love for Learning

Jun 11, 2024

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