Empowering Leaders: From Emotional Intelligence to Operational Excellence



Director's Lab 2.0 is designed to uplift supervisors serving children, youth, and families with a comprehensive six-week online onboarding program. We are committed to equipping leaders with the essential tools, strategies, and emotional intelligence training needed for effective management and program improvement. Offering group coaching sessions led by Dr. Sonia Toledo and leveraging state-of-the-art training content, our program prioritizes the enhancement of leadership capabilities, fortifying accountability, and the optimization of program evaluation methods.

Why Dr. Sonia Toledo Focuses on Elevating Emotional Intelligence and Management in Supervisors Serving Low-Income Communities?

Dr. Sonia Toledo has dedicated over two decades to the after-school sector, offering her expertise to guide supervisors and directors in creating effective and impactful programs. Her pivotal dissertation research, The Correlation Between Emotional Intelligence and Workplace Stress, published in Afterschool Matters Journal, Spring 2023, uniquely positions her to understand the critical role Emotional Intelligence (EQ) plays in workplace success and personal well-being.

Dr. Toledo has observed through her years of experience that supervisors in low-income communities face a unique set of stressors and challenges that can be mitigated through enhanced EQ and managerial skills.

The term "EQ" was coined by psychologists Peter Salovey and John Mayer in 1990. They introduced the concept of emotional intelligence and popularized the use of the term EQ to refer to one's emotional intelligence quotient.

What Problems do Youth Development Program Supervisors face...



This program supplements the live training to support the transfer of knowledge to implementation.

An online onboarding initiative for supervisors in youth development programs.

Tools and strategies to enforce robust structures and evaluation systems.

State-of-the-art learning management system to apply tools, and leadership concepts, allowing them to strategize effectively.

Online training for staff to support development and onboarding.

Live coaching group sessions with Dr. Sonia Toledo twice a month, with all sessions being recorded for later access


6-week online onboarding program for supervisors.

20-minute content session with assignments to implement In the program.

Awards Badges for progress.

Multiple Resources and tools for every model.

Evidence-based assessment tools to measure success in staff, youth, and program.

Designed to support supervisors to monitor, coach, and develop staff to implement best practices.







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"The training was very engaging and I was able to learn tools that I will be applying to my program."

Shane Burt-Miller , MMCC, 2021

"Very thought-provoking training. I was thinking on the strategies that I have implemented in my management skills a lot differently and at an angle I never considered before."

Nastacia Rowe, Queens Community House, 2021