To unite visionary leaders and educators worldwide in empowering our youth to drive positive social change. We recognize that educating adults is the most potent catalyst for nurturing child and youth development.


Truth. Integrity. Equity.


We are a certified Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) dedicated to training and developing educators across all levels, with a singular mission: inspiring youth to THRIVE. Our primary objective is to equip leaders and educators with the essential tools needed to nurture the next generation of creators, change-makers, and social entrepreneurs, fostering real-world learning.

Our core focus is on practical skills that elevate Emotional Intelligence (EQ), creating a more positive and productive work environment. By delving into the unique stressors faced by program supervisors, we prepare them to confront challenges with confidence and effectiveness.

At the heart of our mission is a commitment to reducing educational inequality. We empower underserved youth with an entrepreneurial mindset and equip them with 21st-century skills crucial for success in today's rapidly evolving technological landscape. Together, we bridge the gap and shape a future where all students have the opportunity to thrive.


Dr. Sonia M. Toledo is a seasoned writer, speaker, and social entrepreneur, focusing on emotional intelligence training, youth development, and organizational culture change. With a diverse background spanning organizations like Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA, Children’s Aid, and Child Care Inc., she brings over two decades of after-school field expertise.

In 2008, Dr. Toledo founded Dignity of Children®, realizing that educating adults was the most effective way to foster child and youth development. Her vision aimed to empower adults to create emotionally safe environments, nurturing children's self-worth and holistic growth.

With practical experience, an EI focus, and unwavering dedication to youth development, Dr. Toledo empowers participants with immediately applicable knowledge in the OST field. Her recent dissertation research, "The Correlation Between Emotional Intelligence and Workplace Stress" published in Afterschool Matters Journal, uniquely positions her to comprehend EQ's pivotal role in workplace success and well-being. Her work offers profound insights, granting participants a deeper grasp of EQ's significance in the field. Dr. Toledo adeptly combines research findings with a commitment to holistic youth development and organizational culture change, translating research into practical strategies for navigating workplace challenges and enhancing emotional intelligence.

Dr. Toledo's dynamic presentations empower child and youth development professionals with the essential tools to foster a positive, productive work environment. Her sessions go beyond imparting knowledge; they empower attendees to enhance their emotional intelligence and effectively address workplace challenges. With a profound influence on child and youth programs throughout New York City and beyond, Sonia's exceptional training leaves clients craving more. Her wealth of knowledge and practical insights firmly establish her as a driving force in the field, advocating for emotional intelligence and excellence in child and youth development.