Developing 21st-century workforce



This innovative program is designed for older youth (ages 16 to 24) to help them develop job-readiness skills and prepare them for the 21st-century marketplace. Students will receive real-life experience working with corporations and organizations implementing tasks, performing projects and developing the skills necessary to succeed in the workplace.

Our community is built around evidence-based practice with training, curriculums, and extensive resources for workforce development.

All youth workforce development modules contain a career pathway component, which helps explore career options in various industries.

MARKETING (Ages 16-24)
Develop the Skills to Thrive as a Marketer.
Our Marketing module will engage students to learn how to identify the target market, reaching out to target audience through social media and running email campaigns to reach target audience through emails.

Read the Story of Your Company Through Numbers
Our Business & Finance module will engage students to learn and understand finance fundamentals for business, align business idea with realistic financial calculation, work with QuickBooks, and much more.

WEB DESIGN & SEO (Ages 16-24)
Build Your Virtual Presence
Our Web Design & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Development module will engage students to build their virtual presence and learn how to use Search Engine Optimization tools and Google Analytics, learn digital tools and design a website.


6-weeks Summer Program

  • Bundle of Three Courses
  • Two weekly sessions (2 hrs each) asynchronous

  •  75 hours work on content and creating artifacts

  •  Certificate of Completion

  •  Facilitation, motivation and engagement strategies

  •  Convenient Online Delivery



“ This program taught me many new concepts and ideas.”

– Participant, Summer 2021

"I loved being able to work as a group to work on our own website. It allowed us to be both creative and strategic to come up with the best way to create the site and draw in viewers."

– Participant, Summer 2021

My experience with this program was great. I got to learn new things about Marketing. I also got to work as a team with a group of amazing people. This program is a good guide for people. I’ll recommend this to others.

– Participant, Summer SYEP 2022