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5 Safe Home Office Design Tips for Teen Entrepreneurs

home office design tips youth entrepreneurship program Apr 13, 2022

By Ed Carter (

The COVID-19 pandemic presented surprising opportunities to teen entrepreneurs. With remote classes and few extracurricular activities going on, you might have had the time to start the business you always dreamed of with support from Dignity of Children. If you were able to set up your own home office, you may be getting ready to schedule meetings with clients in person - but you still want to implement some safety protocols in light of the pandemic. Here’s how to ensure that your home office is a safe environment!

Renovation Plans

Are your parents planning on renovating your home in the upcoming months? If so, talk to them about home office features that you might want to add. Depending on their budget, they might be open to it, especially since lots of buyers today are looking for homes with fully functional home offices! If your parents want to renovate your home and put it on the market eventually, you can take “before” and “after” pictures of your home office. That way, they’ll be able to illustrate the home’s increased appraisal value to potential buyers down the line.

Provide Masks and Hand Sanitizer

One of the simplest ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your home office is by providing hand sanitizer and masks for your clients. By now, many people will keep a mask in their purse or pocket in case they need to use it while they’re out and about, and they’ll also keep hand sanitizer with them. But sometimes, people forget! You can set out a small table with a bottle of hand sanitizer and a box of disposable masks. People can take what they need before they step in for a meeting.

HVAC Improvements

 UV lighting in your HVAC system can kill off the virus. Installing new features for your home’s HVAC system is an expensive undertaking, so chances are, you’ll need to make sure that your parents are on board with this particular project. If so, you can help them research different HVAC service providers in your area to get a reasonable price. If you want to save money and improve your ventilation, consider keeping your windows open during meetings when the weather is nice out!

Utilize the Right Software

Are you wondering how to minimize opportunities for physical contact between yourself and your clients? Software can help both parties stay safe while conducting business. Programs like invoicing software, document signing software, and more can eliminate lots of physical interactions. But software can be expensive, so it’s important to weigh your options carefully before making a purchase. To choose the best software for your business, All Business recommends checking programs with different features and testing their functions to ensure they fit your company’s needs.

Styling for Video Meetings

You’ll likely need to host some video meetings in addition to in-person meetings. Make sure that your office looks great on camera by setting up optimal lighting! Anyvoo recommends placing multiple light sources behind your computer as well as off to the sides of your desk. This will help to get rid of any dark shadows that might fall across your face during meetings. If you want to invest in specialty lighting tools, you could consider purchasing a ring light. You could also consider investing in an external webcam for better quality video.

Running a business as a teenager is a big accomplishment. By taking precautions to protect everyone who enters your office, you can keep your company running smoothly. With these tips, you'll be able to keep your clients (and yourself!) safe from COVID-19.

Want to dive into entrepreneurship as a teen? Get involved with youth entrepreneurship programs through Dignity of Children! Email us today at [email protected] to learn more.


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