7 Self-Care Strategies for Young Entrepreneurs

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Self-Care Strategies for Young Entrepreneurs

If your teen has started their own business, you might be immensely proud of their achievements so far. But chances are, your teen entrepreneur is extremely busy. Between school, extracurricular activities, running their business, hanging out with friends, and spending time with family, you might be concerned  that your teen has little to no time to relax. If you want to help your teen make more time for self-care, you can turn to these tips for ideas.

Set an Inspiring Example

Your child will unconsciously mirror your behavior and pick up their habits from you. That’s why making an effort to set a good example when it comes to self-care is crucial. If you’re always forcing yourself to work to the point of burnout, your child might internalize the idea that taking breaks equates to laziness, or that they won’t be able to succeed unless they dedicate almost all of their time to working. Talk to your kids about why time spent resting is equally as important as time spent working, and let them participate in your favorite self-care activities, whether it’s an evening walk, a morning yoga session, or even meditation.

Attend Games and Fun Events

Attending exciting events in your community is a great way to break up your usual household routines and give your busy, entrepreneurial teen a chance to get out of the house and blow off some steam! You might want to head to a local festival downtown over the weekend, go to a farmer’s market or art fair, or get tickets to a baseball game.

What if your teen is a big baseball fan but you don’t live anywhere near their favorite team’s home stadium? If your teen is pleading, “Take me out to the… Yankees game!”, this could be a fun activity to build a weekend getaway around! You can pick up budget-friendly Yankees tickets online by checking out a discount ticket platform and then setting your preferences for dates, prices, and seat ratings. To make sure you’re choosing the right seats, use a platform that allows you to observe the stadium with a 360-degree in-seat perspective.

Encourage Mindfulness

Your teen might assume that yoga and meditation are for adults - but people of all ages can enjoy these activities! If your teen seems stressed out by their to-do list, you may want to suggest they try a mindful practice like yoga or meditation. They might be able to find classes specifically for teens at a local gym or yoga studio.

Unplugged Time

Perhaps your teen was already spending a lot of time looking at screens before starting their business. They might have needed a laptop or tablet to complete their schoolwork, and now, they might run their business online. To encourage your teen to step away from screens for a few hours each day, Neurofeedback Training Co. recommends establishing “screen-free” times for the whole family. This might mean having everyone put away their phones at the dinner table, designating a “screen-free” hour before bed, or picking an activity on the weekends that requires everyone to leave their phones behind for a while.

Head Outdoors as a Family

What better way to get some time away from screens than to enjoy nature as a family? Try to plan some outdoor excursions on the weekends and over holidays. Getting outside can help your teen clear their head and let go of their worries for a while. It’s a great way to feel “cleansed” of anxiety and give yourselves a fresh start for the new week ahead.

Regular Exercise

Chances are, your teen gets some exercise in gym class throughout the week at school. But if they spend long hours at their desk working on their business, you might be concerned that they’re not active enough. It’s always a good idea to encourage your teen to exercise more regularly. You might even want to pick up a fitness routine together, like running or lifting weights!

Hobbies Outside of Business

You don’t want to tell your teen that they need to lengthen their to-do list when their plate is already full. But you should reassure them that during this stage of their life, hobbies can take precedence over their business. Having a hobby that is completely unrelated to their business can be a powerful form of self-care for your teen, and they deserve to have time to explore their other interests.

Your teen might feel like they have endless energy and motivation right now. But as the years go on, they might end up dealing with burnout if they don’t prioritize self-care. As a parent, you can make self-care an important part of your family’s lifestyle.

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