Banishing the Symptoms of Nature-Deficit Disorder

Jul 07, 2022

by Anya Williams

You may have seen headlines or read articles that discuss something called “nature-deficit disorder,” a decidedly modern condition that occurs when we spend a little too much time indoors. Although some of the symptoms may sound disconcerting, there are a number of incredibly simple ways you can reverse this condition. In this article we are sharing are ways of getting you and your family outside, whether that’s heading out on the trail or simply enjoying a lazy weekend afternoon in the sun.

Getting Started

First, let’s learn a little bit about Nature-Deficit Disorder, including, as Big Think notes, what kids lose by not experiencing the outdoors. Basically, NDD happens when kids don’t get enough exposure to sunlight and fresh air, not to mention enough exercise. Luckily, there are some simple fixes. Children can benefit greatly simply from playing sports in the backyard, exploring nature in their own neighborhood, or engaging in some fun activities like bird watching or playing with balloons. You could also think about installing your own basketball court!

Get Active as a Family!

Ready to branch out from your own backyard? From hiking and mountain biking to playing games in the park, there are lots of great activities that will not only get your children the fresh air and sunlight they need, but will also get you exercising as a whole family.

If you’re curious about “Glamping” (essentially, a more glamorous form of camping), you could also check out the top 10 glamping sites for families in the U.S. as ranked by Mommy Nearest. That’s a great way to keep your children active, even as you teach them about different parts of the country -- and all while building closer bonds as a family.

If your family lives in an area where it's challenging to find comfortable spaces to enjoy the outdoors, you might consider relocating. Getting outside the city and into an area with more green spaces can be a positive change. Stamford is a great option, and if you’re open to renting you’re in luck – more than 240 properties are available for rent in that town alone. Many apartment complexes are located near parks like Mill River Park and Scalzi Park.

These resources are but a small sample of the many things you can do outside. So gather your loved ones, set aside all those gadgets and devices, and rediscover the many extraordinary benefits that nature has to offer.

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