Unwrapping Holiday Well-being: A Personal Journey through Festive Reflections

health & wellness holiday season mental health Nov 22, 2023
Holiday well-being

Amidst the twinkling lights and festive melodies of the holiday season, I find myself reflecting on the profound importance of well-being. As I navigate through the hustle and bustle, I realize that taking care of my mental, emotional, and spiritual health is an invaluable gift. In this personal exploration, let us embark on a transformative journey, blending the magic of the holidays with essential insights into our own well-being.

As I adorn my space with holiday cheer, I acknowledge that well-being is not just crucial for personal success—it's the foundation of how I lead and care for others. This season, I take a moment to ponder the mindset and attitude that might hinder my path to health, prosperity, happiness, and influence. Exploring resources to unwrap negative habits, I aim for transformative self-awareness as a precious gift to myself.

Among family gatherings and holiday outings, I grapple with the unique stressors and triggers that accompany this time of year. Old patterns resurface, and I find myself navigating familiar frustrations and anxieties, especially around older siblings. Recognizing the importance of setting boundaries and practicing self-care, I prepare myself before stepping into potentially challenging environments.

I place great importance on well-being, recognizing its significance not just for personal success but also in my role as a leader. I emphasize that our state of mind profoundly influences the lives we lead.

As I delve into self-reflection, I am confronted with a thought-provoking question: What mindset and attitude might be obstructing my path to health, prosperity, happiness, and influence as a leader? This question prompts me to consider how I might unknowingly attract negativity, illness, and dysfunctional relationships due to a lack of vigilance over my well-being.

Understanding the critical role of self-awareness, I provide myself with resources to identify and eliminate negative habits and patterns. I acknowledge that change is a gradual process, advocating for taking small, manageable steps to transform my life. Reflecting on my progress compared to previous weeks or months allows me to assess my growth and set the direction for my well-being journey.

In the midst of holiday joy, I dig into the profound impact of trauma. The echoes of trauma become more pronounced during this season of togetherness. Engaging with insightful resources like "What Happened to You" helps me understand and cultivate empathy during this special time of year.

Diving into the heart of the matter, addressing the topic of trauma, I recommend listening to a YouTube video introducing the book "What Happened to You" by Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Bruce Perry, delving into healing from childhood trauma and the journey towards becoming self-aware, confident adults. This profound discussion emphasizes the enduring impact of trauma on individuals and their loved ones, extending from family dynamics. I find it to be a highly recommended resource for understanding why people behave as they do due to their past experiences. This book serves as a powerful tool for intentionally cultivating empathy, connection, and collaboration, particularly with children.

In exploring valuable resources for well-being and healing, I provide recommendations for insightful podcasts.

•    On purpose with Jay Shitty: 10 ways to manage Stress & anxiety during the Holidays
•    The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes: Dr. Brené Brown’s Guide to healing & finding true belonging

I encourage you to select a podcast and host you connect with, as this sets the stage for a journey of mental healing and self-discovery. These podcasts can become a source of daily inspiration, fostering well-being and personal growth on this transformative path.

This reflective journey becomes a comforting presence during the holiday season. As I unwrap the magic of well-being and address the echoes of trauma, I pave the way for a season filled with warmth, understanding, and personal growth. This season, each step becomes a dance toward transformative self-discovery, spreading joy to those around me.

As I embark on this magical journey toward holiday well-being, I remember that my well-being is the most precious gift I can unwrap this holiday season.


SONIA M. TOLEDO, PhD, founded Dignity of Children® in 2008 to develop children and youth holistically and reduce education inequality. She has a PhD in education and 25-plus years of experience building quality after-school programs. She focuses on emotional intelligence training, youth development, and organizational culture change. Dignity of Children® serves after-school programs nationally, providing exceptional child and youth development training programs.

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